Employee Contracts and Termination

At the non-executive level, most employee contracts and termination agreements are non-negotiable static documents. Executive employee contracts, on the other hand, are more complex and can be structured to fit individual circumstances. They have multiple purposes including making a position attractive to an executive, protecting his or her rights in the event of termination, and protecting the business owner’s higher level of investment in the employee.

Successful Executive Contract Negotiations

Jordan Law Group negotiates employment agreements, separation and release agreements and complex equity and severance pay packages on behalf of companies and executives. The main areas of concern in executive-level employee contracts are compensation and employment security. Some of the topics covered within these areas include: 

  • Salary and bonuses
  • Benefits packages
  • Non-compete clauses
  • Change of position
  • Severance packages

Our attorneys will provide both employers and executives with personalized legal counsel to attain your contract objectives. Our goal is to arrive at an employee agreement that is as closely aligned with your priorities as possible, while fostering an excellent relationship. Contact us at 415-459-9865 for a free consultation!

Including clear and fair exit arrangements in executive contracts is of special importance. To avoid litigation, exit arrangements should include details on the following vital issues:

  • Basis of termination
  • For cause and no cause termination
  • Economic consequences of termination
  • Dispute resolution