Employment Lawyers San Rafael

Employment law is a broad-based body of law involving the relationships between employees and employers. In its early development anti-discrimination laws were passed based on race, sex, age and other criteria. Employment law now covers wage and hour disputes, retaliation, employment contracts, and provides protection for employees.

By the same token, knowledgeable employers who comply with the law are able to better serve their employees, obtain increased productivity and create a work environment that stimulates good morale. Employees understand when employment policies are being fairly administered and that they have a good employer.

Jordan Law group represents both employers and employees on a regular basis. Knowing what works and what doesn’t work is an advantage for our clients. We represent small, midsize and large companies and have successfully defended many cases.

As to employees, we represent executives, mid-level management, attorneys, sales personnel, production employees, IT, nurses, college professors, legal secretaries, healthcare workers, and many others.

Our firm is unique in that we provide cost-effective solutions to our clients. Our lengthy history of successful negotiations in different settings allows is for quick and effective solutions to employment law issues. Our goal is to present your claim or defense, then negotiate through almost any problem to help avoid costly drawn out litigation. From our standpoint, good relationships between employers and employees benefit everyone. We know how to help manage that relationship.