Employment Discrimination Lawyer in San Rafael

Employment discrimination can occur in many ways. Employers do not have to guarantee employment but may not rely upon age, disability, gender, race, pregnancy, sexual orientation or other protected classes to shape and maintain a workforce. There are many variations of these themes such as:

  • Older workers over 40 years of age may not be treated differently just because of their years of service and the likelihood they are paid more than younger workers
  • Injured workers have many protections and to the extent there is a disability, employers have an affirmative obligation to work with the employee and determine what accommodations may work for both sides
  • Pregnancy and childbirth can be seen to create operational difficulties for employers but there is ample protection to maintain their employment status
  • Employees with LGBT preferences are also protected from disparate treatment or harassment because of their sexual orientation

Jordan Law Group encourages employees to read and become acquainted with company policies that almost uniformly prohibit these kinds of employment discrimination. Make sure you are an active participant in your employee evaluations or any disciplinary actions so that you are fully informed as to what employment issues may exist for you.

Jordan Law group has handled hundreds of terminations on behalf of employers and employees. We are readily able to assess employee performance in an objective way to determine if other factors motivated the employment action.

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