Traditional Labor Law

Traditional Labor Law and NLRB Litigation

Attorney Patrick Jordan of Jordan Law Group has been a traditional labor lawyer throughout his career. He and the rest of our attorneys have a comprehensive knowledge of NLRB law and use it to help employers keep their businesses union-free, negotiate favorable contracts, arbitrate grievances and defend against unfair labor practice charges. We have repeatedly and successfully helped our clients in labor issues before the National Labor Relations Board.

Union Avoidance and Winning Elections

The political landscape in Washington, D.C. is constantly changing. Recent appointments to the Board, both in Washington, D.C. and at the Regional level, are changing the ways in which the NLRB handles elections and unfair labor practice charges. Just recently the Board issued new election rules which are designed to help unions. Then the NLRB decided employees should be able to use company email systems to organize for unions. In order to help you keep your business union-free, Jordan Law Group offers effective training to owners and managers to improve relations and educate employees why a union is not a good investment.

Some of these strategies include:

  • Adopt a policy to openly discuss employee issues which goes beyond an open-door policy
  • Adopt effective policies for employee annual reviews
  • Lawful, but aggressive, communication on what union authorization cards mean

If you are facing an NLRB election or campaign for cards, Jordan Law Group can mobilize your managers and supervisors to keep your employees at your side. Being a good employer will always trump union propaganda. Strategic decisions have to be made about group size and eligibility, lawful campaign tactics and protecting your employees’ right to vote for you.

Through our union avoidance training, we can give you the tools to avoid unions and win elections even in the most difficult situations.

Contract Negotiations

Whether you are renegotiating an existing union contract or negotiating a first one, Attorney Patrick Jordan knows how to get the best deal for your business and mobilize your company to support that effort. He has over 40 years of experience dealing with union contracts

Some key features you want in any contract are:

  • Making your contract resemble, as much as possible, your existing employee handbook
  • Cost containment
  • The right to hire, fire and discipline your employees in accordance with your work rules (Management Rights)
  • The right to subcontract
  • No strike provisions

Whether your business is large or small we can take the mystery out of getting a contract that works for you and gains respect from your employees.

Corporate Campaigns and Protecting Your Business from Unfair Labor Practice Charges

No business owner wants to become involved in a labor dispute. Legal battles with unions are expensive, and they have the potential to damage your reputation. Union corporate campaigns are frequently marked by demonstrations or other forms of pressure brought to bear by union or political activists, purported charities and other advocacy groups. The attorneys at Jordan Law Group have the knowledge and experience needed to defend your business against unfair labor practice charges and corporate campaign tactics.

Some of the usual charges brought by unions are:

  • Interrogating employees
  • Actively and verbally encouraging employees to vote or petition against unions
  • Disciplining an employee because of their pro-union activities

Dealing with Day-to-Day Labor Law Issues

The majority of business owners deal with traditional labor law issues on a daily basis. Every time an employee breaks a workplace regulation or fails to meet reasonable business standards, your response as an employer must comply with labor laws. Jordan Law Group will counsel you on how to handle problem employees and other issues so that your risk of encountering labor disputes and litigation is minimized.

We can also help you obtain positive outcomes in the following traditional labor law-related situations:

  • Negotiation of severance packages
  • Lawful utilization of employee committees
  • Improved communication