Union Avoidance

Union Avoidance

In today’s shifting business climate, every change in federal labor law has the potential to make union avoidance more difficult. Union organizers are keenly aware of this fact and are ready to use it to their advantage. Rather than waiting for union leaders to get the upper hand, you can take proactive steps now to protect your business assets. The labor law attorneys at Jordan Law Group will provide you with effective strategies for achieving union avoidance while maintaining a positive, productive work environment.

How to Aggressively Counteract Organizing Efforts

Maintaining control of your company in the face of imminent unionization requires an aggressive approach. The sooner you implement your union avoidance plan, the better. We will help you create this plan, which can include one or more of the following strategies:

  • Maximizing communication with your workforce
  • Applying all policies and procedures in an evenhanded and consistent manner
  • Use facts, not fear
  • Using National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) law to your advantage
  • Earn respect, don’t expect it

Giving your employees access to materials that discuss both the pros and cons of going union will help them make an informed decision. Union organizers tend to downplay some of the negative consequences of joining a union, which can include:

  • Paying high union dues, fees and fines
  • Being forced to go on strike
  • Having to follow union rules and regulations
  • How much money unions spend on themselves
  • Bankrupt pension funds


Labor Law Services and Union Avoidance

As experienced labor law attorneys, we understand the potentially far-reaching ramifications of even the most innocuous employee/employer interactions. We can help you avoid employment litigation by providing day-to-day counsel on disciplinary matters, the negotiation of severance packages, the lawful use of employee committees (for such things as peer review and safety), and more. We handle all NLRB and related litigation matters that may arise out of a corporate campaign including card signing campaigns, election petitions, unfair labor practice charge investigations and trials, informational or other forms of picketing and defense of wage and hour litigation. 

Identify and Live Up to Your Corporate Values

One of the most important steps you can take to prevent the unionization of your workforce is to open the lines of communication with your employees. Meeting with your employees and listening to their grievances and goals is a show of good faith and can diminish their interest in joining a union. Our union avoidance lawyers will help you find ways to create a team-oriented work environment that demonstrates why a third party is unnecessary. Jordan Law Group is committed to using our extensive knowledge of labor law and our practical experience in and out of the courtroom to help you maintain control of your company.