Jordan Law Group

Experienced Labor Law Attorneys


The labor law attorneys at Jordan Law Group have over 50 years of combined experience practicing in the fields of traditional and employment labor law.

The firm’s founder, Patrick W. Jordan, created the firm in 2003, after having practiced in small, medium and large law firm settings. Knowing that large is not necessarily better and that unnecessary overhead does not need to drive billing rates. Our firm was established to provide a high level of quality representation with small firm flexibility. This distinguished group of attorneys is based in San Rafael, California. We have had extensive success representing employers from virtually every industry. Clients range from high profile companies tackling allegations of major labor law violations to small businesses facing unexpected, yet mind-numbing, employee disputes.

As a small firm, we are driven by client service, responsiveness and getting to know your business so that we are more effective as counselors and litigators. When larger projects arise, we have the resources to accommodate the work and yet manage your case in a way that is more likely to stay within estimated budgets.