Grievance Procedures

Grievance Negotiation Procedures

- Patrick Jordan

Why Grievance-Negotiation Procedures Are Important

Grievance negotiation is a way to resolve a dispute between an employer and its employee(s). Each company should have a grievance procedure, which delineates how an employee or group of employees can bring complaints against the employer. Usually, the grievance policy will be embodied in an employment handbook or some other type of written document that states what the employer’s policies are.

If you are working for an company and you have a complaint to bring against that company, grievance negotiations are a effective and less costly way to potentially solve the issue at hand. Grievance procedures are put in place to address a problem before an employee considers filing a lawsuit. Although engaging in grievance negotiations cannot solve every issue, most can be solved in this way.

By utilizing the services of an attorney experienced in grievance negotiation, an employee or group of employees can be sure of the following:

  •         Their rights are upheld
  •         The appropriate grievance procedures are used
  •         They and their interest are adequately represented to an employer’s executives
  •         An employer and the employer’s representatives will be clear as to the complaints of the employee or group of employees
  •         A resolution beneficial to the employee or group of employees will be reached

If grievance negotiations break down – for whatever reason – it is always possible to bring a suit against your employer. However, engaging in negotiations and taking advantage of this useful procedure is encouraged, as it will save you valuable time and money.

If you have a grievance to bring against your employer, it is best to speak with an experienced employment law attorney, like ours here at the Jordan Law Group.

Our attorneys have been handling disputes between employers and employees for many years, and we have secured favorable outcomes for many of our clients. We strive to represent employees to the best of our ability and ensure that our clients know someone is on their side.

If you, or a loved one, is engaged in grievance negotiations or would like to file a grievance against your employer, we welcome your call to our San Rafael office at (415) 459-9865.