Employment Lawyers in Santa Rosa, CA

Situated on the Santa Rosa Plain, one end stretching into the Valley of the Moon and into the Laguna de Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa is the largest city in the North Bay and North Coast.

It offers great views of the Hood Mountain, Taylor Mountain, and the Sonoma Mountain. It also offers great opportunities for shopping, dining, and sightseeing. Santa Rosa may be reached through via US Route 101.

The city has a land area of 41.294 sq. mi. and an estimated population of 170,685. It is blessed with a Mediterranean climate characterized by cool, wet winters and warm and dry summers.

Common industries that thrive and generate employment in Santa Rosa are in construction, professional, scientific and technical services, accommodation and food services, computer and electronic products and finance and insurance.

Residents are employed in management occupations, building and grounds cleaning and maintenance, sales and related workers, electrical equipment mechanics, drivers, sales workers and truck drivers.

California Wage and Hour Laws

In Santa Rosa, as is the case throughout the state of California, employers are ordinarily bound by complex wage and hour laws that regulate the computation and payment of wages, the manner of payment and the legal remedy for claiming unpaid salaries and benefits.

Minimum wage rates continue to evolve however; it is every employer’s duty to keep abreast of the latest wage orders in order to avoid stiff fines for non-compliance.

Problems arising from wage and hour laws often lie in their correct interpretation. Moreover, wage rules can contain exceptions that are useful when fighting unfounded wage claims. Your employment attorney can help you determine whether your establishment and workers are covered by the Minimum Wage law, and other types of pay that they may be entitled to receive, such as overtime pay.

Failing to pay salaries and benefits according to existing labor standards can expose employers to expensive litigation arising from claims of unpaid wages. Taking a proactive approach to labor law compliance is essential.

In Santa Rosa, California, the Jordan Law Group has many years of combined experience in wage and hour laws, helping clients – both employees and employers, understand their obligations and rights under existing labor laws.

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