Subway Found to Have Committed 17,000 Wage and Hour Violations

- Patrick Jordan

It has been said that wage theft robs hard working Americans of more money every year than all store holdups and bank robberies combined. The ‘Low Pay Is Not OK’ campaign recently hired Hart Research to conduct a survey about wage theft. Of the 1,088 respondents, 89% claimed to have been forced to perform work without their hours recorded, been refused overtime pay, or been denied breaks.

When people think of wage and hour violations, they often think of smaller companies that may be struggling to make ends meet. But this is not the case. Subway, a fast food chain that reportedly grosses over $10 billion every year, recently came under fire for being the worst offender of wage and hour discrimination.

Since the year 2000, 1,100 separate investigations have been conducted at separate Subway locations. As a result, the sandwich giant has been found guilty of over 17,000 separate violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

What are Wage and Hour Violations?

In California, an employee suffers wage and hour violations when an employer refuses to pay him or her for work performed. This may come in the form of:

  • Being asked to perform tasks outside of work hours
  • Being asked to clock out yet “stick around” during slow periods
  • Not being paid overtime pay
  • Not receiving breaks
  • Receiving pay that is unequal to others in your same job role

Ensuring Your Rights to Full Pay

There are a number of steps that employees can take to ensure that they receive full pay for the work they have performed:

  • Keep a Record: While your employer must keep a record of your hours, it may not be accurate. Keep your own record, and make note of any situations that may be of concern.
  • Approach Your Employer: It is your right to ensure that you receive the money you’re entitled to after a hard day’s work. If you feel that you have not been paid fairly, ask your employer about it. Set up a meeting and bring your records.
  • Ask a Lawyer: Given that both federal and state laws come into play here, it can be tricky to know exactly what you’re entitled to and in what amount.

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